Brenton Cove DF95 Regatta

RSVP for Saturday, Sunday or Both to both Henry and me. 

NOVEMBER 13-14. The Brenton Cove Invitational / Intergalactic DF 95 Championship! Registration is up! $10 entry. BYOB for after race beers. (Bring to cooler prior to launching boat to get your beer/ wine/ beverages cold for after racing.)We are looking to have racing for 2-3 hours per day and will target 1100-1400 for racing time each day. (If there is a huge reason to move earlier in the day due to weather, we will adjust accordingly)As many races as is practical per day with one drop for every 10 races. Please register ASAP so we have an idea of numbers so we can plan on how to actually run the thing! Thanks all! This will be a blast! 

Bradford S. Read
Executive Director

Sail Newport
72 Fort Adams Dr. 
Newport, RI 02840

Fun sailing 10/14

Gorgeous day at the cove on Thursday. Only 5 skippers came to play. Still, it was fun to sail in a brisk NW breeze with challenging chop (especially for a US 1 Meter). Rob’s IOM easily out sailed Paul’s US1M mostly because of the sea conditions. Boat speeds seemed equal, but the IOM out pointed the US1M and easily tacked while the US1M with its light weight and skinny hull had difficulty with tacking smoothly. IMPRESSIVE yacht Rob!

Thursday 10/14

Weather looks to be fabulous for our fun sailing. Some sailors will be at the cove as early as 10AM (Wilkie and Paul). Join us whenever you can and bring any boat you may prefer. Rob will have his IOM and Paul will have his US 1 Meter. Should be fun to see which of these boats competes better.


Next Thursday (10/14), Rob and Paul will be at the cove racing fast 1 meter yachts. Rob will have his exotic IOM (International One Meter) and Paul will have his US1Meter. Bring any boat and join them. Their boats will start each race after all the other boats.
Might be the last sailing of the season. Let’s have one last fling before the buoys are pulled out.

Paul Mercer’s US 1 Meter
BritPop IOM