DF95 racing June 27, 2024

The overnight rainstorm had cleared by 07.00 and was replaced by a mixture of sun and clouds with temperatures in the seventies and still quite humid. The wind was from the southwest and the tide was coming in towards a high shortly after 1 pm.

There were 10 boats in the water ready for this morning’s contest and Judy looked after starting and scoring. Thank you for another excellent job, Judy. Connie and Shelley were on the shore to support Al and Bill N.and Connie took some pictures.

The course was from the Drone Buoy and brown mark starting line, south to the green, then north to the blue, once around for the first race and twice around thereafter. All marks taken to port.

Nick won the first race but it was not his lucky day. He didn’t start the third race as his jib was hitting his mask, then, in the fourth race, his boat got tangled with Bill Northup’s and he had to row out to rescue them.

Kim won the next two races and had one third place to finish fourth overall. 

Races 4 and 5 were both won by John Reilly and that together with a second place and two third places was enough for him to become today’s champion, The sixth and final race was won by Jim Kelly who was also second in race five but missed the first two races. Good to see you back, Jim.

Unusually, Bill David didn’t win a race today but he did score enough points with two seconds and two thirds to finish second in today’s standings. In third place was Rich with one second and a third.

Paul did not have his winning ways today and neither did Henry, but well done to everyone for some close competitive racing and a lot of fun.

 As always, the full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

There will be no racing next Thursday as it happens to be July 4th.🇺🇸

The next racing will take place on Thursday, July 11th when the high tide will, once again be close to 1 pm.

And remember, the first of our three Soling Regattas is planned for July 16th.

Enjoy the coming weekend and the July 4th holiday,