DF95 racing June 13, 2024 … and announcements

Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day. I’ve got a wonderful feeling, we’re gonna go racing today. 

And 10 members agreed and brought their boats for a good morning’s competition. The wind was generally from the southwest, but changeable so the course was set as south from the line, which was formed by the pin and the drone buoy, around the southernmost green mark leaving it to port, then north to the blue mark also taken to port and back to the line. after the first two races, we decided to keep this course but go twice around. There were eight races today watched, at least in part, by Bill Raposa, Jim Kelly, and Shelley Northup in support of husband, Bill. I kept score.

Only two boats had serious problems today: David Vigeant had an unresponsive sail servo and Wilkie Marvel had some undisclosed issues.

There were many close races this morning as evidenced by the fact that there were five different winners: Bill David won the first two, Paul Mercer, Henry DiPietro, and Rob Hill won one each, and today’s champion, Nick Bailey won three. Well done, Nick.

Tuesday’s winner, John Reilly, didn’t win a race today but he finished second twice and third three times which was enough to put him second overall. Well done, John. It was close, Nick had 19 points and John had 21.

Even closer were the next three, Paul with 24 points, Henry with 25 points, and Bill David with 26 points. Very entertaining.

A little behind but close on points were Rob and Kim. Well done, everyone.

The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

There will be more DF95 racing next Thursday, June 20th when the tide will be low and going out until around 12.30.

There will be no membership fee this season. So persuade your friends to get a boat and join in.

I should have said last Tuesday that Bill Northup reached three-quarters of a century on that day and Kim will claim the same achievement next Tuesday. Congratulations, young men!

Nick has donated some excellent elastic for DF95s for club spares. I’ll bring it with me on Thursday. Nick also has a tip: use two lengths of elastic as a fail-safe.

One more thing from Nick. Let’s look at King Park in Newport as an additional racing venue.

See you next Thursday,

In the meantime have a wonderful weekend,