2023 Soling Regatta

A nice sunny autumn day with a strong wind from the west, temperatures hovering around seventy, and a final chance for some competitive racing lured seven sailors with boats to the cove this morning. The tide was high at 11.25 so there was very little beach at the start. Judy was there to keep score and start the races. Thank you very much, Judy. 

Wilkie, Pat Donovan, and Shelly Northup also attended to spur us on.

Rob put in two yellow marks, one between the red/green and the pin to form the start/finish line and one between the southerly red/white and the orange/white to the west. The initial course was: 

South from the start line to a starboard rounding of the red/white mark, then, staying west of the yellow, round the orange/white mark to starboard then back to the line keeping north of the red/green mark, starboard around the yellow at the line and repeat. Twice around. The course was later shortened to cut out the southern red/white mark. Twelve races were held in all with Paul Mercer winning half of them and with three second places and one third became this year’s Soling Regatta Champion.

 Bill David was second with five wins, three second places, and one third and our only other winner today was Kim Hanna who with one second place and three thirds was third overall

Bill Raposa finished fourth with three second places and four thirds.

Rob had to row out for rescues twice today, once for my boat whose vintage rudder servo finally gave up, and once for Bill David’s boat after it tangled with Paul’s. Thank you, Rob.

Bill Northup had rudder linkage problems and didn’t race in the last three races. Jim Kelly had conquered a few problems earlier on but finally also couldn’t compete in the last three races. Bill Raposa sat out the final two races with unspecified problems. 

The full results can be found on our website mhbmyc.org

So that’s the end of the season except for members who wish to continue racing for fun.

Several want to race next Thursday(High tide around 1 pm)

We will need to pull the marks etc. and the date and time for that will be 11 am next Tuesday with a favorable low tide at around 11.20.

Thanks to everyone for a fun season. Come back next year.

Whatever you do in the off-season, smile, stay safe and have fun,