DF95 Annual Regatta 9/7/23

What an odd day! Nine members brought their boats to race and Jim Kelly was there to assist with proceedings in addition. Al Sampson arrived on crutches and without a boat but with Connie and Judy once again kept score. Many thanks, Judy. Al had a foot injury from falling up the steps last Thursday.  We wish you a speedy recovery, Al.  Albert Meyer had a boat but also had some control problems and his boat didn’t get into the water. It felt like Tuesday as there was no wind. We waited 30 minutes but still no wind so we decided to have lunch and wait and hope. At noon there was enough wind to race and we finally got going with eight boats racing.

Rob had thrown in 4 marks as the wind was light. I won’t detail the course as we stopped racing after three races, not because of the wind but because of the weed. Too many boats were getting slowed or stopped by the large amount of weed. We decided to stop racing and continue next week.

As we have more DF95 sailors than Soling sailors, the Soling sailors present agreed that the DF95 Regatta could continue next Tuesday and we’ll move the Soling Regatta to next Thursday with a weather date sometime next May!

Sorry Bill Raposa wasn’t there to have a vote.

Racing today was close with three different winners, Paul, Rob, and Bill David. Kim was second twice and Nick once. Bill, Kim, and David all had a third place so the whole event is wide open……to be continued.

Apart from the weed, there were a few other problems the most serious of which was when Henry DeWolf missed his underwater footing and fell. He’s OK but his radio is not. Rich and David also had electrical issues. Everybody has a few days now to resolve these items.

All the news is on our website mhbmyc.org

Racing continues next Tuesday, September 12thwhen the tide will be fully out at around noon and we will hold our Part 2 of our DF95 Regatta. Bring chairs, lunch, and something to drink.

Thursday next week, September 14th will now be our Soling Regatta. The low tide will be at 1.39 pm.

Enjoy the weekend,