DF95 Series #15

Another beautiful morning with temperatures in the low seventies, tolerable humidity, and a gentle but strengthening breeze from the south tempted nine members to bring their boats to the cove. We missed regulars, Paul, David, and Rich. Wilkie had left his boat at home needing repair while Charlotte’s boat wouldn’t work as she would like so two more racers didn’t race. This just left the “Magnificent Seven” with boats in the water. Judy looked after the starting and scoring assisted by Connie. Thank you very much.

The course was from the red and pin start line, head upwind to the orange striped mark, then downwind to the blue mark, and back to the line with all marks taken to port.

During the first three races, we had a pleasant diversion as Bill’s and Judy’s real boat put in an appearance captained by their son who saw some very close racing, but no victory for Dad, unfortunately.

The course was changed for the fourth race to twice around and then modified to one-and-a-half time around with a downwind finish for the final four races. That made eight races in all, in case you lost count.

There were only two race winners today, Henry DiPietro who won five, and Nick who won the other three. Henry also had two seconds and was today’s overall winner. Nick had three thirds to go with his wins and finished today in second place.

 Bill had two second places and five third places to take third overall today while Kim was a close fourth with four second places. 

Al Sampson is starting a seaweed collection with his keel and that slowed him down a bit but he still managed fifth place.

Strangest of all, in the sixth race Nick’s and Albert’s boats got entangled out by the moorings and a paddleboarder who was on the beach paddled out and got the boats untangled. So good of him. Thank you unknown paddleboarder. Can you come back next week?

The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

Solings race next Tuesday, August 29thwhen the tide will be heading for a low at 12.22

The DF95 saga will continue in a week’s time, on Thursday, August 31st when the tide will be heading toward a low at 2.17 pm. That’s just a week before the DF95 Regatta.

Reminder: The Awards Pot Luck Banquet will be on Sunday, September 17th at 6 pm in the Village Great Room so get thinking of what you might bring. The Club will provide Beer and Wine.

Have a wonderful weekend.