DF95 Racing 8/17/23

An overcast, humid morning with a light wind saw a record number of thirteen members bring their boats to the shore. It couldn’t be the weather, maybe it was the thought of lunch and the momentous decisions to be made at the club meeting. Bill Raposa paid us a visit before going off to prepare the room for our meeting, but, just maybe, he was also eyeing the competition as he has the DF95 that Dick Priestley gave him.

Judy, once again, did a fine job starting and keeping score and Connie is fast becoming our official photographer. Thank you both very much.

Paul set the course, upwind to the blue mark, downwind to the orange striped mark, and upwind to the finish with all marks taken to port. Later in the morning, there were variations including a reversal of the course.

We were pleased to welcome Rob Hill, Sam Morgan, and Bill and Shelly Northup for their first races of the season. Unfortunately, Shelly ran into a transmitter problem and couldn’t race. 

Jim Kelly had an elastic issue (you have to own a DF95 to know what this means) and Wilkie had an issue with the rudder so two stalwarts of the fleet didn’t race. This left eleven to race.

Jim’s talents weren’t wasted as he replaced the starter batteries between the first and second races. The batteries were supplied by Jim and Paul. Thanks, the club owes you.

The starting line was adjusted after the first race so I moved my chair in line, sat on it, sank into the very wet sand, and tipped over backward. Jim kindly helped me up. Thanks, Jim. 

There were seven races and Rob was back with his old skill intact. He won two races and finished second in four more to easily win overall today.

Other winners today were Nick with two and Bill David, Sam Morgan, and Paul Mercer with one each. 

Paul had two seconds and one third to end with second place today. 

In third place was Nick with a third place to add to his two wins.

 Kim finished fourth ahead of Sam in fifth.

The only non-finishers in races today were Albert Meyer who sat out race 4, Bill Northup who had an unwound sail drum winch and missed race 6, and finally Rich Field who had a recurrence of the rudder control problem that’s dogged him for the last few race days and this kept him out of race 7.

There was a lot of good friendly, competitive racing today and, I think, everybody had some fun.

The results were tabulated, winners announced, and off we all went to the meeting.

Notes from the meeting later.

The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

Solings will try to beat the weather curse next Tuesday, August 22nd when the tide will be coming in with a high at 12.43

DF95s will race again on Thursday, August 24th when the tide will be coming in with a high at 2.22 pm

Until then, keep smiling, have fun, and enjoy the weekend,