DF95s get off to a…..floating start

A chilly start to the morning and light winds resulted in just 6 boats in the water at the start. We attempted four races today, but decided to declare a “Non-Race Day”

It was a morning of fun and frustration. We waited about 30 minutes before there was enough wind to start the first race but we lost the wind and ended with 3 finishers and 3 DNFs. the finishers were, in order, Paul Mercer, Bill David, and Nick Bailey. Kim’s boat caught its keel rounding one of our marks. It was rescued by Paul. This incident highlighted the fact that we need less line and more chain on our marks as the line floats when the tide is low as it was today.

In the second race, all the boats finished but Kim lost a clear lead when his boat again got caught on a mark. The top three were Nick, Bill, and David Vigeant followed by Al Sampson, Paul, and Kim. 

In the third race, Nick had an unexpected battery failure in his transmitter and he had to row out and rescue his boat. Kim, Bill, and Paul finished in that order in a very, very close finish. The fourth race was memorable in that the winner, Paul, was the only finisher as the wind died and everybody else floated home as best they could. At that point, we called it a day!

The next DF95 race day is next Thursday, May 25thwhen the tide will be coming in to a high at 1.19 pm.

Solings race again, next Tuesday

In the meantime, have a great weekend,