Club meeting 8/25

The meeting was held after a delicious lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs prepared by Kathy Melven and Marge Fuller. Coleslaw was prepared by Pat Hanna. Many, many thanks, ladies. They received a well-deserved round of applause.

The members attending were Bill David, Henry DiPietro, Jim Fuller, Kim Hanna, Rob Hill, Jim Kelly, Wilkie Marvel, Dick Mahoney, Danny McHugh, Paul Mercer, Bill and Shelley Northup, Will Plante, Bill Raposa, Al Sampson, David Vigeant and me. Also invited were Judy David, Connie Sampson and Mary Anne Plante.

Apologies for absence had been received from Nick Bailey, Pat Donovan, Rich Field, Ed Haddad, Al Meyer and Ned Popovic.

Derek welcomed those attending. It was a good turnout and we were especially happy to see Will Plante. We thanked Will for donating his DF95 (Sail number 92) to the club.

Kim gave the treasurer’s report and said that paid membership stood at 23 and that, before paying for the lunch, our treasure chest contained $3,064.

Soling Fleet Captain, Bill Raposa said that it is a crazy year for weather disruptions and generally only 4 to 8 Solings have been racing. So, more Solings, please.

Rob Hill gave the report as DF95 Fleet Captain and said that there was generally a good DF95 turnout, typically 10 to 12.  The lack of wind this morning was disappointing and maybe we should switch to afternoon racing if the morning wind forecast looks bad, We agreed to give it a trial.

Alerts will be posted on our website

Paul proposed that we acquire more buoys so that we can put them in our racing area such that we can configure appropriate courses whatever the wind conditions  and can leave them in position for the entire season. We approved this idea. The current marks were purchased from Hamilton Marine. Rob will decide what we need and Wilkie will collect them from Hamilton as he intends to be in this area. 

Al flagged up that there is a hole in the rescue boat that needs to be repaired. Rob volunteered to add this to his list of boat projects.

Rob led the discussion on the format of the regattas. He proposed that we run six races in the morning with a short break after three and do the same in the afternoon. No entry forms and no entry fee. Just turn up. Bring your own lunch. Soft drinks will be provided by the club, possibly beer after the last race.  The low scoring method will be used with prizes for the top three places. Rob will be the Race Director for the Soling Regatta and Derek for the DF95 event.

The Soling Regatta was originally planned for September 20th, but Bill Raposa will be out of the country then. It’s unthinkable that we could hold the Soling Regatta without our Fleet Captain so we all agreed to bring it forward to Tuesday September 13th

The DF95 Regatta will be held as originally planned on Thursday, September 22nd.

Derek led the discussion concerning the Annual Awards Banquet to be held in the Village Clubhouse on Sunday, September 25th at 6.00 pm. This is a potluck event with husbands and wives of members invited. Emails to me please of what you intend to bring and Kathy will make sense of it all. Bill Raposa has been a stalwart in the preparation of the banquet, but he’ll be away so Kim and I will take on the task. The club will prepare the room and provide beer, wine, soft drinks and water.

It was decided that the existing club officers will continue in their roles at least until our kick-off meeting next spring.

Under “any other business” , Derek suggested that he bring the boards in the clubhouse lobby up to date. They run up to the date when we started to run two classes of boats, 2019. This was agreed.

Rob said that the Soling in the lobby also wanted some attention and he agreed to add it to his projects list. He was also asked if he could scrutinise Will’s boat before the club puts it up for sale. He added it to his project list!

At this point, the meeting was declared over. I think everyone left happy.

Keep smiling,