Soling 1M Series #14

Temperatures in the mid-seventies, a strong wind from the northeast, and an absence of humidity convinced 6 members to bring their boats to the shore. The tide was high and coming in with a high just after noon. New DF95 sailor, David Vigeant put in an appearance to see how the other half sail. Judy David started races and kept score and did her usual excellent job. Thank you, Judy.

Fleet captain, Bill Raposa set the course: north to the far red striped mark, around it to port then downwind on a long stretch to the orange mark also taken to port and back to the line. Sounds easy, but it wasn’t. The wind was anything but steady. It was variable in strength, gusty and flukey.

There were only 4 races today, too few to count., but fun while it lasted.

Jim Kelly got off to a great start winning the first race and was second to Bill David in the next, but he didn’t race any more ( undisclosed tech problems). Bill Raposa also had problems and didn’t participate in races 3 and 4. Kim was the only other race winner today but in the fourth race, Kim made a turn, and I didn’t, with the consequence that I hit Kim’s boat. This snapped the shroud and his mast collapsed. Kim rowed out to collect his boat and demonstrated how useful a Boy Scout rowing badge can be………even much, much later in life.

I’m very sorry, Kim. I owe you a beer at least. 

The two Bills and Pat were the only survivors today. There’s work to be done!

Although there were too few races to count towards the championship, the results

 can still be found on our website

Next Thursday, August 18th, will see the return of the DF95 fleet when the tide will be coming in towards a high at around 2 o’clock. No quirky winds, I promise

Solings race again a week from today, Tuesday, August 23rdwhen the tide will be just about fully out at our start time of 11 o’clock.

See you Thursday,