Soling 1M Series #4

From where I was sitting, waiting patiently for the plumbing service, the conditions looked perfect for a good morning’s racing.  And so it turned out. Paul Mercer reported that conditions were indeed perfect with a sunny start and a brisk SW breeze.  There were nine boats in the water, eight members, and one guest, Bob Caras. The full results are on our website,

Danny McHugh came out on top with a very consistent performance, no wins but 5 seconds in the nine races.

Jim Kelly brought one of the new Vac-u-Boat Solings and finished second overall.

Kim Hanna was third. Jim and Kim won one race each, but Sam Morgan and Paul Mercer each won three races.  But lower place finishes and boat problems pushed them down the order.

The two Bills, Raposa and Northup had some issues with their boats during the morning as did Pat Donovan and Bob Caras.

But all reports indicate that there was a good measure of fun.

Solings race again next Tuesday, June 14th when the tide will be going out with a low at 1.33 pm.

DF95 racing tomorrow is canceled owing to rain and possible thunderstorms

DF95 racing will resume on Thursday, June 16th when the tide will be high. High at 10.22.

Take care, stay safe and have fun,