Soling Series #12

It was very encouraging that nine members brought Solings to the cove this morning, but it was very discouraging that there was no wind to satisfy their thirst for competition.It was good to see everyone and catch up on events and welcome back Bill and Shelley Northup and new member, John Perkins who has bought Steve’s Soling (and his DF95). Shelley brought her DF95, but there was no point in putting it into the water. Apart from Shelly, two other members without Solings were present: Manny who came down to help, and Wilkie who sailed his beautiful “Columbia 42”.  Bill Raposa spent some time in the dinghy, putting in the starting mark and then taking it out again. One other rower was John Perkins who had to fetch his boat back.  I don’t know what happened, but the red light on his transmitter was flashing.  My boat was leaking around the keel mounting, so out will come the keel again.Kim, Paul, Dan, Pat, and Jim Kelly were also there getting their boats wet……slightly!

Let’s try sailing Solings again next Tuesday, August 3rd (tide coming in from a low at 09.48) 
But on next Thursday, July 29th we have DF 95 racing (tide coming in with a high at 1.08 pm)
Stay safe and well, and have fun,Derek