Soling Series #10

Soling Series #10 at the cove today. We were short one Soling to make an official race fleet with 6 boats; however, a visitor from Philadelphia showed up with Mel Platteā€™s old Soling. Chuck Lage tried to get in the water but mechanical issues kept him from racing. He was willing to be scored as a DNS for each race, so that became our 6th boat.
Light winds from E and NE from our starting line, but SW out by the red buoy at the concrete wall. Mostly the starts went East to red mark and then to either blue or southerly red mark. Several course changes were made by Bill Raposa as fleet captain as the wind shifted. Good close racing with 4 different winners in 9 races. As always, Manny kept score and managed the start/finish line. Thanks Manny.
Once again, Bill David prevailed as the daily winner. Good racing Bill.
Derek Melven returns from England tomorrow. Welcome home Derek!
See scoring below: