Soling Series #4

The wet holiday weekend finally gave way to another beautiful late spring New England morning, a little hazy, but nice nonetheless. The only thing missing was the breeze, but even that arrived by the 11.00 start when 6 boats took to the water. My boat had not yet fully recovered from last week’s “flash flood” so I kept score ably assisted by Manny and, later, Jim Kelly. The wind was from the southwest with the tide coming in. The course was south to the red mark and the green offset, taken to port, then downwind with the line closed, around the northern red mark taken to port, and back to the line.
There were four different winners today, Paul won two, Bill D won two, Dick Mahoney and Bill R won one each. The fourth race was supposed to be twice around as the wind had strengthened, but the wind died at the first mark so the guys decided to stick with once around after all. The same thing happened in the sixth and final race as all the boats gathered at the northern mark and got close to stopping. Kim rounded the mark first and looked the likely winner, but Bill R got some speed from somewhere and just stole the win. The fifth race was the only one that was actually twice around.
We have joint winners overall today, Paul and Bill D. Applying the tie break, they both had 2 wins, they both had 2 seconds, they both had1 third and they both had 1 fourth (which they both threw out), so they were truly equal.
In third place was Kim and in fourth, fifth and sixth were Bill R, Dick and Danny and these three were separated by only one point.
The full results are on our website

The club is also selling two Soling kits, so if you or someone you know would like to build a Soling please see the details on our website in the “Boats for Sale” section.

The next time to enjoy Soling racing will be Tuesday, June 8th at 11.00 when the tide will be low and heading to a turn at 12.25.

But next Thursday, June 3rd it will be the turn of the DF95 racers with a start at 11.00 and a tide that will be coming in from a low at 09.40

Stay safe, well, and happy,