Soling Series #3

It was “you know what” this morning, but a trifle on the chilly side with a strong southwest wind. There were only 5 Solings in the water this morning and Manny and I kept score and started the seven races. Pat Donovan joined us and enjoyed a pleasant time with the five racing aces. We used our traditional starting line and the course headed south to round the red mark and green offset to port then downwind to the red mark with the line open. A port rounding of the red and back to the line.  For the seventh and last race, the same course was run twice around. We had four different winners today:  Paul Mercer won 3, Danny McHugh won 2 and Bill Raposa and Kim Hanna won one each.Very unusually, Bill David didn’t win a race today. That’s more than unusual. It’s unprecedented! The full results are posted on our website and they reveal that Paul was the overall winner with Danny second. The next three were separated by just one point: Bill R, Bill D and Kim.Well sailed everyone. Lots of fun and a good friendly time.The fun continues on Thursday, May 27th when it’s the turn of the DF95 fleet starting at 11.00 when the tide will be going out from a high at 09.30.Solings resume battle next Tuesday, June 1st at 11.00 when the tide will be coming in heading for a high at 2.11 pmIn the “Errors and Ommissions” section today, I have to apologize for entering the name of Bill D’s wife wrongly in the last write-up. It is, of course, Judy……and I knew that.Wilkie is home from the hospital and all went well. Good news. Well done, Wilkie.Stay safe and well,Derek
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