Soling Series #2

Yet another beautiful New England Spring morning although the wind was very light when we started.  As the morning wore on, the wind gained power and, by the time we had finished the seven races, it was near perfect.  We had eight members at the cove today. Bill D., Kim, Paul, Danny, Pat, Bill R., and I had boats and Manny scored for us once again.  Many thanks, Manny.Bill R went out in the first race with a rudder problem not to return (at least not today)We had three different winners today.  Bill David won four races and was first overall.  Paul won two races and came second overall and Kim won one and finished third today.  Well done all.Danny was fourth and Pat and I had some problems. Pat had used his rudder to harvest some seaweed and I suffered from a local flash flood (in the boat).
Paul documented the scores using the AFleet software and they can be found on our website at mhbmyc.orgIt was a very pleasant relaxed morning.  Bill David suggested that we race for a little longer, maybe 10 races with two throwouts in the future so I guess we’ll give that a try at some point.
The next Soling race day is Tuesday, May 25th at 11.00 when the tide will be going out with a low at 12.48.
But before then, next Thursday, May 20th at 11.00 we have Day 1 of DF95 racing when the tide will be coming in with a high at 3.30 pmDon’t forget to visit for the latest information.Stay safe and well and poised for fun,Derek