MHBMYC Kick off meeting: Key Points

Thanks to the 15 members who attended yesterday’s Zoom meeting:  Albert, Bill D, Bill R, Dan, Dick M, Jim P, Kim, Manny, Ned, Nick, Paul, Rob, Wilkie, Will, and me.
Derek reported that the club now has 3 Solings for sale generously donated by David Cochran, Ned Popovic, and Dick Priestley. Rob recommended we shave the price to $300. Agreed.Rob also says he has a Soling Kit ready to be built for sale.Rob reported that there are now two suppliers of the new Soling design and Paul said that he had taken delivery of the kit made by Vac-u-Boat.We have some new buoys with marking tape and quarter-inch line.  Rob thinks we will need thicker line and volunteered to obtain it.  We also need some anti-fouling buckets to use with the new buoys and Bill R offered to get them.Kim gave the Treasurer’s report and stated that last year we had cash and income of $1,393.97 of which we spent $722.87 on the storage box, the website re-do and awards leaving us with $671.10 at the start of this year.  So far this year we have spent $114.95 on the new buoys which means we currently have $556.27.
There were no comments on the race schedule except that the planned start date of next Tuesday might be a little chilly in the water. Rob said he had bought some hip waders from Amazon. They are called Tidewe Hip Waders and cost $36. He ordered the same as his shoe size. ( After the meeting, Rob sent me this detail)We had a discussion on membership fees with the end result that fees won’t change.  Renewal at $25 is NOW DUE and a form is attached.  It was also agreed that the initial joining fee would remain at $25, but it would be for life.Bill R gave the Soling Fleet Captain’s report and stated that Dick Priestley had donated a large variety of Soling spares to the club as well as his boat. Jim P gave the DF95 Fleet Captain’s report with the urgent message that members should order critical spares now as there is a supply issue and US stocks are fast depleting. Rob undertook to order some critical spares on behalf of the club.  Jim mentioned rudder servos at $39 are often needed, but Rob mentioned that he had switched to a Hi-Tec servo which is the same size.  Rob also mentioned a problem with DF95 sail servos apparently designed to operate at 5 volts.Paul reminded everybody that all the latest information is posted on the website mhbmyc.orgHe said that there are now 20 members of our Facebook page.Rob took the lead in our discussion about getting prepared for the coming season.  We agreed to meet at the waterfront at 08.30 on Friday (May 7) with the “heavy lifting” team led by Bill R dealing with getting the storage box and rescue dinghy to the shore and Rob taking charge of buoy preparation and installation.Under the banner of “Any other business”, Rob stated that this was a very friendly club with fun being the first item on our agenda and therefore members shouldn’t be intimidated by the complex racing rules but should rather concentrate on the “Big Four” rules: Port/Starboard, Windward/Leeward, Overlap, and Starting Line.  We should teach these rules as a means of positively improving our tactics and execution. I heard no dissenting voices!We briefly discussed adding new members and it was suggested that I try to get an email to all the condo residents about our schedule. I will.Outside the Village, curious googlers looking for model boats in Rhode Island will probably end up at our website and we thanked Paul for all the work he does in keeping it up to date.As we start our season next Tuesday, the question was asked about masks.  We agreed that those vaccinated won’t have to wear a mask unless asked by someone to please wear one. So please bring a mask. just in caseSee some of you Friday,See more of you Tuesday and even more Thursday,.Derek