DF95 Regatta #4

The morning started hot and muggy as we’ve come to expect these days. There was quite a heavy local shower and it was still raining very lightly as the members started to assemble at around 10.30.  We had two guests today from the Newport group: Henry DiPietro who was here last week and Nick Bailey.  Both were welcomed, but only Nick raced as Henry had burned out a sail servo, unfortunately.

Nine boats raced today.  We used our usual course but started out by heading north and running the course clockwise with all marks taken to starboard, once around with the line closed.  After the first two races, the wind died.  We took a 10-minute break and a very light wind from the south reluctantly arrived so we had two short races: South to the southerly mark taken to starboard and back to the line. Painful!.  There was now no wind and we quit for the day.  Those present decided to count today as a race day as we had already abandoned racing for one day earlier in the year.

Kim had had our first DF95 cracked hull so, as I haven’t been racing and he has, he borrowed my boat.  I kept score assisted by Jim Kelly’s son, Chris, who had brought along a pair of binoculars.

Thanks, Chris. Soling Fleet Captain, Bill Raposa, also came down to the cove to see how exciting DF95 racing is.  Marginally better than watching paint dry today.

The slow-motion winners today were Paul twice and Bill David and Nick once each.  Bill D, Jim K, Wilkie, and Rob each had one second place and Nick, Paul, Rob, and Bill D..had one third place each.

So Paul was the overall winner today with Bill David second just one point behind.  Nick was third with Wilkie fourth and Kim fifth.

Paul has posted the full results to our website mhbmyc.org  

Paul’s wife, Laura also joined us today and brought her camera so we can expect some new DF95 pictures on our website. Thank you, Laura.

The next race day for DF95s will be Thursday, August 20th at 11.00 when the high tide will be at 09.43

But two days earlier on Tuesday, August 18th we’ll have Soling Race Day 6 at 11.00 when the tide will be going out from a high at 08,07

We still had some fun today, but of a slower, more relaxed kind.

Stay safe and well