Soling Regatta #4

Storm Isaias threatened, but this morning was rain-free so 13 members went down to the cove to race, score, help, or support. There were 8 boats in the water at the start time of 11 am.with the tide going out from a high around 09.30.  We ran what has become our “normal” course, south from the start and finish line. around the white and black mark taken to starboard, then to the northern mark also taken to starboard and finally starboard around the white and blue marker closest to shore and back to the line.  The final two races were twice around. A simple course made fiendish by the unpredictable wind which was constantly changing strength and direction.Wilkie kept score assisted by Manny, Will, and me.  Rob provided technical help and advice as needed.  Thanks to all.  As I wasn’t racing I took my camera and got the three shots attached.Bruce started off strong winning the first race, then second in the second race and third. in the third race. Bill David won the second race and was second in another three races  Paul, who had been third in the first two races, won the next four and earned first place overall. Bill David was second and Bruce third.The only other members to finish a race in the top three today were Jim Kelly who had one second and two thirds and Bill Raposa who had one second.  Jim was fourth and Bill was fifth. Sue got a cheer as she finished her first race ever.  Many more in the future, Sue..The two other participants, Steve and Pat both had boat problems unfortunately and only managed to finish one race each.  Prospective new members, Rich Field and Albert Meyer were also present today.  Rich has a DF95 and Albert is about to acquire a Soling so we look forward to them both racing with us.  Rich already raced last Thursday with us.  As is usual these days we had the day’s results before we left the cove thanks to Paul and his tablet with AFleet software.  Paul has posted the results to our website mhbmyc.orgA reminder:  If you haven’t yet joined or rejoined the club, the joining fee is $25 and the annual membership fee is also $25.  Checks payable to MHBMYC should be given or sent to our treasurer, Kim Hanna at 33 Watermark Drive, Tiverton, RI 02878.

The next Soling race day will be Tuesday, August 11th at 11 am when the tide will be coming in with a high just after 2 pm

But before that, we have DF95 race day 3 on Thursday, August 6th at 11 am which is just about high tide. Volunteers to keep score etc are appreciated.Lots of fun again today with some good races.Stay safe and well,Derek