Soling Regatta #3

The only apt description of the weather this morning is, “brutally hot”.  Nevertheless, 12  members made their hot and sticky way down to the cove and racing started with 7 boats in the water.  The 5 without Solings were Wilkie who no longer has a Soling but offered to keep score, Manny, Will, Jim Kelly, and Rob who had brought a fantastic looking boat to try out.  All joined in by yelling encouragement and advice and starting the races.  Wilkie did a great job keeping score.  Thanks to all. Bill Raposa had set the course with the brisk breeze blowing from a southerly direction. South from the start line to take the southern black and white mark to port, head north to the northern black and white mark, taken to starboard and then towards shore to take a white mark to starboard and then back to the finish line. The last two or three races were the same course but twice around.There were seven races in all with Bill David winning the first and then winning four moreThe two races Bill D didn’t win were won by Bill Raposa so Bill D won overall with Bill R second. In third place came Paul followed by Dick M, Kim. Pat and then me.  The only rescue was by Rob on my boat when my receiver escaped its Velcro restraint and dived into the water sloshing about in the bottom of my boat.  Thanks, Rob.Paul Mercer worked his magic with the AFleet software and produced the results within minutes after the end of racing.  The full results can be found on our website

The next race day for Solings will be Tuesday, August 4th at 11.00 amwhen the tide will be going out from a high at 09.26

The next race day for DF95s is nextThursday, July 30th at 11.00 amwhen the tide will be coming in with a low at 10.14
See you at one or both of these,Stay safe and stay well,Derek