Race Day 2

It was hot, very hot at the cove yesterday and this might have deterred some members from making the trip, but there were only five of us racing in the morning and six in the afternoon.There was only a light breeze for the morning, Soling session, but we did manage six races at a gentle drift pace.  Bill Raposa set the starting line prompted by Bill David and the course was ultra-simple: South from the East-West starting line around the white mark to port and back to the line.A slow process, but Bill David won 4 races to finish first overall, I won two races for second place and Bill Raposa was third.  Pat and Steve made up the field, and Sue and Bruce didn’t race but did a fine job keeping score.  Many thanks. Paul Mercer had arrived while we were racing and, by the time I got back to the shore with my boat, he had the results for the morning’s racing on his tablet equipped with the AFleet software.  You can find the full results on our website mhbmyc.orgWhat you won’t find are the results for the DF95 races because after an encouraging first race with quite a brisk breeze the wind died in the second race not to return so DF95 racing was canceled for the day.  Paul and Rob appeared to be in fine form winning one race each with Jim Kelly ready to pounce. Dick Mahoney, Ned, and Pat were also raring to go. ‘Twas not to be.We had a discussion on whether we should return to two days of racing instead of trying to hold races for both classes in one day.  If you have an opinion please let your respective (or both) Fleet Captain know.  Bill Raposa for Solings and Rob Hill (acting) for DF95s.
At present, our next race day is next Tuesday, July 28th at 11.00 am for Solings and 1.00 pm for DF95s.when the tide will be coming in with a low at 08.00 am and a high at 3.30 pmStay safe and well,Derek

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