Today…and the Future

Another warm summer day and a brisk wind enticed 14 members to come down to the cove, most brought lunch and all were ready for a 1 pm start with a mixture of Solings and DF95s.Before we put our boats in the water Rob reminded members that he would make a bulk purchase of DF95 kits if sufficient members were interested.  Please let Rob know if you would like to participate.We also discussed when to start our Championship racing and everyone present voted for next week on Tuesday with Solings racing starting at 11.00 and DF95s racing from 1.00 pm.  So if you will be racing both classes or racing with one class but helping with the other please bring your lunch.Back to today, we had a number of races with close racing and keen rivalries in each one.  Some of us had boat problems, but nothing too serious, But most of all we had a lot of fun and camaraderie. We welcomed potential new member Richard Field at the cove….I think Richard will get in on the DF95 purchase. Another potential new member is John Zawilinski.  Both are residents of the Village.
I’ll issue a new schedule for the shortened season as soon as I can, but, in the meantime, next Tuesday, July 14th is the start of the racing season.  11.00 for Solings and 1.00 pm for DF95sThe low tide will be at around 08.40 with a high tide just before 4 pm.See you then,Stay safe, stay well.Derek

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