MHBMYC Yesterday…………and the Future……………Input please.

Twelve members spent a pleasant hour or so at the cove yesterday sailing Solings and DF95 all-in together.  Bill Raposa had a tech problem before we got started and did most of the “heavy lifting” by placing the marks and performing most of the rescues although Wilkie also had to rescue his boat twice.  Many thanks to Bill.Sue and Steve Walsh had brought their Solings as had Bruce, Paul, and Pat. Pat Donovan was also embroiled in tech issues.  Paul’s Soling also succumbed before the morning was out, so that left mostly DF95s in the water.  Manny sailed his new boat with a new number, 60. Will, Jim Kelly, Dick Mahoney, and Bill Northup had some close racing.  The morning finished with an impromptu match race between Will and Dick.  Will led the whole way round, but just got beaten on the final run to the finish line.Paul Mercer suggested we start racing and scoring. A number of members present thought this was a good idea. Let me know what you think and I’ll draw up a schedule for the remainder of the season. My initial thoughts are that we could have 10 race days with the best 6 to count (or 8 with the best 5 to count).  The only issue is racing both classes on the same day…..but we can try.Two days of Match Racing for each class to be held on Thursdays.Please let me know how you feel.Let’s assume the season will commence at 11 am next Tuesday, June 30th when it will be low tide at 09.36.  Choose your boat or bring both.Stay safe and well,Derek

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