DF95 Series #5

A rather cloudy day failed to entice many members down to the shore  A temperature of 68 and a brisk breeze from the south made ideal conditions for these little boats, but only six boats raced today. I kept score and was later aided by Wilkie who retired after the first five races. Thank you, Wilkie.

There was a straightforward course this morning: South to the red and green mark and the orange mark, taken to starboard, then downwind to the red and blue mark, taken to starboard, then back to the line.

Paul Mercer won the first race, with Rich Field second and Nick Bailey third and it so happens that that was how they finished overall at the end of the twelve races.

Paul won a total of eight races and finished in second place once and had one third.

Rich had eight seconds and two thirds while Nick had two wins, two seconds, and six thirds

Others finishing in the top three places in individual races were Kim with two wins and two thirds and Jim Kelly with one second and one third.

Well done everyone. we had some close racing today, it was just a shame that there weren’t more competitors to grab a piece of the fun

The full results are on our website mhbmyc.org

reminder to get those $25 membership fees to Kim. Checks please made out to  MHBMYC.

The next outing for DF95s is next Thursday, June 23rd when the tide will be coming in from a low at 09.55.

Next Tuesday, June 21st is the next opportunity for the Solings. The tide will be coming in from a low at 08.32. 

Will Soling sailors please be there for a 10.45 discussion on the start line rules of racing?

Things were a little rough at times last Tuesday. The discussion will be led by Paul Mercer.

Have an enjoyable weekend, stay safe, well and happy, smile and have fun,

Soling 1M Series #5

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the fish were jumping and the Solings were sailing. A really nice Summer’s day.  This morning there were nine boats in the water at the start and eight races were run. Shelly Northup was there to support Bill and Robert Chappelle came along to spectate but was roped in to keep score. Thank you, Robert. There was quite a stiff breeze from the northwest which made setting the start line quite difficult for Bill Raposa. The start line was close to shore and close to parallel with the beach just offset with a jaunty angle. The course was out from the shore to the northern red mark, then downwind to the southern red mark, all to port then back to the line. The final race was run twice around.

It was Bill David’s day with six wins and nobody else came close to his 9 points. We use the low point scoring method remember and Bill Raposa was second with 25 points and Paul Mercer third with 26 points. 

The full results and all the news can be found on our website, mhbmyc.org

Let’s do it all again next Tuesday, June 21st when the tide will be coming in towards a high at 3.07 pm.

But before that, next Thursday, June 16th it’s the turn of the DF95s when the tide will have just turned from a high at 10.22.

Stay safe and well, and have fun,

Soling 1M Series #4

From where I was sitting, waiting patiently for the plumbing service, the conditions looked perfect for a good morning’s racing.  And so it turned out. Paul Mercer reported that conditions were indeed perfect with a sunny start and a brisk SW breeze.  There were nine boats in the water, eight members, and one guest, Bob Caras. The full results are on our website, mhbmyc.org

Danny McHugh came out on top with a very consistent performance, no wins but 5 seconds in the nine races.

Jim Kelly brought one of the new Vac-u-Boat Solings and finished second overall.

Kim Hanna was third. Jim and Kim won one race each, but Sam Morgan and Paul Mercer each won three races.  But lower place finishes and boat problems pushed them down the order.

The two Bills, Raposa and Northup had some issues with their boats during the morning as did Pat Donovan and Bob Caras.

But all reports indicate that there was a good measure of fun.

Solings race again next Tuesday, June 14th when the tide will be going out with a low at 1.33 pm.

DF95 racing tomorrow is canceled owing to rain and possible thunderstorms

DF95 racing will resume on Thursday, June 16th when the tide will be high. High at 10.22.

Take care, stay safe and have fun,

DF95 Series #3

There was an excellent turnout this morning for the latest version of Rob Hill’s D95 Clinic. Non-racers today who turned up included Pat Donovan, Bill Raposa and Jim Pascalides. The clinic was extremely informative covering the basics and many hints and tips. Everybody was very appreciative and gave Rob a huge round of applause. We all learned something and were eager to put our new knowledge to the test.There were eleven boats racing today in a light wind. This continued until the fourth race when the wind died completely such that most boats couldn’t sail back to shore and Rob had to row out and collect the fleet. Thank you, Rob.Kim Hanna won all three races and Rob was second in all three. Bill David was third in the first race and Rich Field was third in the next two. Well done. Of course with only three races, this event won’t score for the series, but Kim’s. sailing was near perfect.Despite the lack of wind, I think everyone had a good time so let’s do it again next week.Thanks to Rob whose DF95 clinic, always good, improves with age.
The full results and all the latest news are on our website mhbmyc.org
The next outing for DF95s will be Thursday, June 9th when the tide will be coming in from a low at 09.23.But before that, next Tuesday, June 7th the Solings will take to the water when the tide will be coming in with a high at 2.41 pm.
Stay safe well and happy,

Soling 1M Series #3

A very hot start to the day enticed 8 members with the promise of spending an hour or so standing in cool water. However, the wind promised in all the forecasts was nowhere to be seen. We waited patiently and eventually, we saw the wind on the water in the distance. When it arrived from the northwest it was instantly strong and gusty. Bill Raposa arranged the course to head NW from the line, around the green mark then the pin, and finally, the two reds, all taken to port.  The course and conditions were such that three boats retired before the first race started: Pat had sail servo malfunction and Bill Northup and I had boats that stopped operating owing to an excess of internal water!So 5 boats set off on the first race which Paul won. He then went on to win the next four. So he had five wins out of the six run today to easily take the first position overall. The only other race winner was Bill Raposa who also had two seconds and one third which meant he was in second place overall.  In joint third place were Dan and Kim who came tied on every tiebreaker. And finally, Bill David, usually one of the leaders, had one second place and one third, but after the third race also retired with water in the boat.Congratulations to all the survivors. it was one of those days: Challenging but still very enjoyable.As always, the full results can be found on our website mhbmyc.org
The next time Solings race will be June 7th when the tide will be coming in with a high at 2.41 pm.Before that, next Thursday, June 2nd the DF95s take to the water again and don’t forget that Robwill hold a clinic at 10.00. Always informative and helpful. High tide that day will be just about our start time of 11.00
Now, to repair and check those boats,Have fun.Derek 

DF95 Series #2

For the first time this season the weather conditions were conducive to DF95 racing and seven members agreed and brought their boats down to the cove. One of them was a new member, Curtis Rencurrel.  Another new member, Arlow Sampson came along to spectate with his wife.Please give them a big welcome. Bill Raposa also stopped by before the racing to say hello.The wind was strong, gusty, and chilly from the southwest which presented quite a challenge for our brave competitors over the eight races run this morning.Henry DiPietro got off to a flying start by winning the first race. He also had two second place finishes and three third places to finish third overall.But the real battle today was between Rob and Paul.  It was very close, exciting racing with Paul winning four races and Rob winning three.However, Paul had two second places and Rob had four which was just enough to give him first place overall today…..by just one point! The only other sailor to get into the top three places was Wilkie who finished in third place four times and ended the day with fourth place overall. Kim was fifth, Albert sixth, and finally, Curtis who only raced three races before succumbing to mechanical problems. His boat provided Rob with his only rescue of the day.The full results can be found, as always, on our website mhbmyc.org
The next race in the DF95 series will be next Thursday, June 2nd when the high tide will be just about our start time of 11.00
But, before that, on Tuesday, May 31st it will be the turn of the Solings for their third race day of the season. The tide will be going out from the high at 09.37. Racing starts at 11.00

Lots of friendly, competitive fun today.

Stay safe, well, and happy,

Soling 1M Series #2

Six Soling skippers raced in the cove today. With a northerly and northeast wind, Bill Raposa (as RD) set a course out to Red and Blue striped buoy, rounded to port, back the southwest to Orange and White to port,and Red and Black to port as an offset…..back to the start/finish line. The brisk breeze had the races moving quickly, and that allowed for 9 scored races today.
Sam Morgan raced with us and was the dominant sailor until after race #6. He told us he had to leave, and unfortunately that problem denied him the chance to win the day. Great sailing Sam!
The 5 other skippers had a great time racing today, and most races were close finishes and very competitive up and down the fleet.

Soling Series #1

Six Soling skippers came to the cove to begin the Soling racing series. It was a mostly sunny day with a brisk breeze that rotated a bit from West Southwest to Southerly. Bill Raposa set a good start line and added a downwind to the East. Race course from a good start line out to orange buoy taken to port, around red buoy as an offset to port, out to green stripe taken to starboard, over to the red mark added today taken to starboard, and back to finish line. This course remained unchanged for 8 races, except race number was twice around the course.
Several skippers had difficulty with the windy conditions, and it seemed the winter rust on their thumbs was evident. Bill Raposa had to retire his ”Thriller” due to electrical problems, and he kept score after the second race. Paul Mercer, having spent much of the winter racing in Florida, had a spotless day by winning all 8 races.

DF95s will start their 2022 series on Thursday.

Beach work

Tuesday (5/10) was the day we wanted to get the buoys installed, skiff delivered, and beach cleaned up. Weather, however, didn’t cooperate. Too much wind on Tuesday, so Thursday (5/12) is now the date. Volunteers still needed to assist. Let Rob know if you will be joining in the effort! Many thanks, in advance!

MHBMYC Announcement

The consensus from today’s (10/6) sailors is … all fun sailing will be on THURSDAYS for the remainder of the season!