2017 Regatta Results

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect late summer day.  The temperature was just right, the wind came from the west and the north and, although variable, it was just right for model boat racing.  We had gathered on the deck by 10:30 and spent the time until the skippers’ briefing chatting, enjoying the sunshine and admiring the trophies being set out by Steve. (Pictures 1 & 2).  We were also intrigued by the markers being set out by Race Director, Rob Hill. (Pictures 3 & 4). Rob also sailed his boat, number 23, around the course to show us how easy it was. Hmm. (Picture 5).

Rob gave the briefing at around 11.30 which was about 30 minutes after high tide which was why we had planned lunch ahead of any racing.  Manny’s wife Elaine arrived right on time with some delicious Italian Subs from Famous Pizza.  Many thanks, Elaine. We were joined for lunch by Sue Kelly and Barbara Haddad who had volunteered to put the scores on the master scoreboard.  Thank you very much, ladies.  Manny was, once again, the on shore scorer/starter with assistance from Ned.  Great job, guys.  Thank you. Thanks are also owing to Charlie Smith who brought his boat to rescue boats as needed.  Thank you Charlie and we were all so pleased that you had no rescues to perform this year. In fact there were no incidents at all, not a single boat problem until the seventh race.

After lunch we headed down to the beach (picture 6) and Rob told us the course.  The start line was roughly parallel with the beach then NW to a yellow mark and its offset taken to port then south to the striped red mark and its offset taken to port then back north to the finish mark which was the yellow flag and a green marker which was perpendicular to the beach. A sailor’s eye view is shown in picture 7.  Rob did vary the course occasionally, but the counter clockwise course didn’t vary substantially for the total of twelve races.

Racing started at about 12.15.  You might remember that Dick Mahoney’s boat ended the races last Tuesday with a hole in the hull, but a trip to Santa’s Workshop also known as Rob Hill’s workshop resulted in a very effective repair.  In Dick’s words, “That guy is a magician.”

Dick celebrated by winning the first two races…..and then went on to win three more.  Other winners were Jim Kelly, Ed Haddad (2), Bill David (3) and Kim Hanna.  Sorry there are no pictures of the actual racing as I was holding a transmitter instead of a camera.

But there is a pcture of the eventual prizewinners (picture 8) In 5th place, Kim, in 4th place, Don Berrett, in 3rd place, Dan McHugh.

Bill David, our newest member, took second place, but this year’s Regatta Champion is Dick Mahoney.   Well done to the winners and everyone for taking part.

Especial thanks to Race Director, Rob Hill for a very enjoyable and fun event.

Written by Fleet Captain Derek Melven